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What Our Clients Say ?
    What kind of documents I have to prepare before I enter to Tibet by train (by plane)

    If you are taking the train from mainland to Tibet, the copy of your Tibet travel Permit is necessary. Your tour agency will email you a copy of your permit and you can print it out and take it with you on the train. If you come to Tibet by plane, the original Tibet travel permit is necessary, your tour agency will send your original permit to your hotel in mainland when you arrive at any major city in mainland, at the same time, your tour agency will also email you a copy of your permit when you are in your own country for reconfirmation of your tour with your tour agency (Without permit any tourist is not allow to enter to Tibet).

    What types of seats are available on the train?

    There are three main types of seats on the train: hard seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper. Hard seat is just a metal seat where all passengers sit next to each other; it is rarely used by travelers since it is a long journey from any mainland city to Tibet. In hard sleeper, there are about 6 berths to a cabin where passengers will have their own bed. Soft sleeper is the most comfortable seat on the train with 4 berths in each cabin with separate oxygen supplier.

    Can I book the train ticket by myself? 

    Of course, you can book your train ticket by yourself. However, it is very hard for you to buy the train tickets from any major city to Tibet during the tourism peak season in Tibet and booking train tickets are extremely difficult. Hence, you may want us to help you for booking the train tickets. However, you have to pay extra money for that and we recommend you to buy a plane ticket to Tibet and if you really want to by train ticket we can also help you to get the ticket with higher price (please be aware that is not our agency but those corrupted officials charge you extra money on train tickets).

    What is Passenger Health Registration Card?

    A Passenger Health Registration Card is required to take the train between Golmud to Lhasa. The card can be obtained when purchasing the ticket or you can also get that from train attendant. Passengers must read the health notice for high-altitude travel and sign the agreement on the card to take the train.

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