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What Our Clients Say ?
    • Local Tibetan Tour Agency Penpatsring (General Manager)

      For many people, Tibet is a mysterious and a beautiful historic place as most of travel books have been described; for me, Tibet is my homewhere I spend most of my childhood with my friends and family, and the place where I never feel boring to discovering its diversifiedculture and unique history. Few years ago, like many young Tibetans, I knew little about Tibetan culture and Buddhism. I spend threeyears to study civil engineering since my parents wanted me to be a civil engineer, just like my

    • Tibet Tour Consultant & Training Manager

      Tsetso (Tour Consultant Training Manager)Tsetso was brought up in a Tibetan humble family with her father from the Nagqu Plain and mother from Lhasa. She graduated fromSichuan University in 2008 with scholarship and major in Journalism, herfavoritesubject in university was English and she passedChinese national English tests (CET 4 CET 6) at the year 2008. In the year 2012, she was selected as one of threeawardeesof theAustralian development scholarship in Tibet, and finished two years’ certif

    • Local Tibetan tour guide

      Sonam tsering (indigenous guide) Sonamtsering was born and grew up in Lhasa. For last five years experiences of been a tour guide, he came torealizedthat education counts, especiallybeing a Tibetan it is very important to bridge up the gap between ancient wisdom with modern knowledge. He has been learning westernculture and language for more than 7 years in Lhasa. In 2007, he was graduated from the language school in academic of social sciencein Lhasa. Sonamtsering is well educated in both weste

    • Local Tibetan tour guide

      Nyima (local tour guide)Nyima was born in a nomadic family in eastern part of Tibet. He moved to Lhasa from Amdo area since he was 7 and educated in Lhasa. He has been a tour guide for more than 7 years and he had traveled every corner in Tibet with his customers from all over the world. During the last seven years, he has been accumulating a lot of experiences and knowledge on culture, religion and history of his homeland. His principal is to be an honest, responsible and professional tour guid

    • Local Tibetan Tour Guide

      Pasang (local tour guide)Pasang was born in Lhasa, and she is reliable, highly motivated person with a light-hearted manner. She studied English in a language school in mainland for four years and got English guide license several years ago. As one of few female English tour guides, she is a patient and thoughtful female tour guide. She loves her job and also has extensive experience of serving tourists from different countries, and she would like to share her knowledge about culture and custom

    • Local Tibetan Tour Guide

      Sonam(local tour guide)Sonam was born in a small village inLunchup County, which is near by Lhasa. He studied 5 years in Thong KharLanguage School inLhasa, and got average 70 percent in his final exam.After his graduation from the language school, he successfully passedNationalGuide License Exam and became an English tour guide. Sonam hasseven years experience of serving customers and alsotraveled every cornerof Tibet. Sonam is the eldest brother in his poor family and the only educated child;he

    Easy Tibet Tour Promise
    • Various Options

      We offer many options when it comes to touristic activities since whether you are interested in culture, nature or a sportive holiday (like trekking in mountainous area).

    • Extensive Experiences

      Our guides are all well-trained, open minded, trust-worthy local Tibetans with rich experiences of serving tourists from all around the world.

    • Excellent Customer Services

      Our team is committed to delivering travel journeys throughout Tibet in professional standards and organise cost effective tours.

    • Authentic Local Tibetan Tour Operator

      Easy Tibet Tour is owned by honest local Tibetans and we will list all the money you have to pay, and the services we will provide base on your itinerary before your confirmation of travelling with us in Tibet.