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  • Sonam tsering (indigenous guide)

    I was born and grew up in Lhasa. For last six years experiences of been a tour guide, I came to realised that education counts, especially being a Tibetan……

  • Nyima (local tour guide)

    Nyima was born in a nomadic family in eastern part of Tibet. Nyima has been a tour guide for more than 8 years and he had travelled every corner in……

  • Sonam(local tour guide)

    HSonam was born in a small village in Lunchup County which is near by Lhasa. He studied 5 years in Tong Khar Language School in Lhasa, and got average 70 percent……

  • Pasang (local tour guide)

    Pasang was born in Lhasa, and she is reliable, highly motivated person with a light-hearted manner. She studied English in a language school in mainland for four years and got English guide license several years ago……

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    Lake Manasarovar

      Manasarovar (MapamYutso), which means “invincible lake” in Tibetan, is 35 kilometers away from the east of Ngari Champlain County in Tibet and the south of Mount Kailash. With quite beautiful surroundings, it has been regarded as “the center of the world”by Buddhists since ancient time. As one of the three great “Mystery and Holy Lakes”in Tibet, it is also the maximum transparent fresh water lake in China. It is the source of four major rivers of Asia. With the lake-surface elevation of 4588 meters, the lake has an average depth of 46 meters, a maximum depth of 81.8 meters, and an area of 412 square kilometers. The lake is quite lucid, with the transparency of 14 meters. Believers think that, Manasarovar is manna that is granted from the Buddha. It can clean filthy in skin, wash out five evils in mind, and it also can prolong life. Therefore, all of the people coming to visit the lake will take a bath here, and then they will also take some water back from the lake, sending to families and friends as gifts.

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