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  • Sonam tsering (indigenous guide)

    I was born and grew up in Lhasa. For last six years experiences of been a tour guide, I came to realised that education counts, especially being a Tibetan……

  • Nyima (local tour guide)

    Nyima was born in a nomadic family in eastern part of Tibet. Nyima has been a tour guide for more than 8 years and he had travelled every corner in……

  • Sonam(local tour guide)

    HSonam was born in a small village in Lunchup County which is near by Lhasa. He studied 5 years in Tong Khar Language School in Lhasa, and got average 70 percent……

  • Pasang (local tour guide)

    Pasang was born in Lhasa, and she is reliable, highly motivated person with a light-hearted manner. She studied English in a language school in mainland for four years and got English guide license several years ago……

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    Yamdrok Lake

      Yamdrok Lake, “swan pool” in Tibetan language, is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. Elevation of the lake-surface is 4441 meters. The lake is 130 kilometers long from east to west and 70 kilometers wide from north to south. The lake shoreline is 250 kilometers in length, and the total area of the lake is 638 square kilometres. The average depth of the lake is 20 to 40 meters. It is the largest inland lake in the area of northern peaks of the Himalayas. There are many forks in Yamdrok Lake, which seem like coral branches, so it is also called “Coral Lake above”. More than ten small islands distributed in the lake. The large ones can hold five to six households, while the small ones are only hundreds of square meters. After climbing over the Khambala which is almost 5030 meters high, you get through its pass and tread straight down upon a road, along which it i takes you about 30 minutes to get to the Yamdrok Lake. On this road you will get a perfect angle of view of Yamdrok, since alongside the road are quite a few viewing platforms where you can stop and take pictures. Yamdrok is a low density salt lake. Its freeze-up period begins in the middle of November every year and the ice thickness can reach up to half a meter. The lake abounds in fishes such as Brachymystax Lenok, Tibetan Schizopygopsis, and Gymnocypris waddelli. Here is also the maximum waterfowl habitat in southern Tibet. Every winter, the birds will migrate southward here and there are a great many swans, water pigeons, yellow ducks, fish eagles and spotted eagles around the lake shore and central island areas. There are also plenty of famouse peaks at the west of Yamdrok Lake, such as Khangsong Lhamu Peak and Shegangsu Peak, etc.

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