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    How about food in Tibet?

    In major cities or towns in Tibet, you can easily find clean and nice Tibetan, Chinese, or western style restaurants or café with good services. However, if you travel to remote areas in Tibet, the meal option is limited. There are also many nice Tibetan vegetarian restaurants in Lhasa and you can also order vegetarian food in the most of restaurants in Tibet. Generally, the prices of food in bigger and clean restaurants (around 11$ per person) are more expensive than small restaurants. If you like to experience the life of local Tibetan, you may ask your guide to have a simple lunch (Tibetan sweet tea and yak meat noodle or dumpling) in a small local restaurant. This may only cost you about 3-4$. The prices of food in remote areas usually more expansive than cities like Lhasa or Shigatse.

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