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What Our Clients Say ?

    How about accommodation in Tibet

    Actually it depends on your requirement and budget. If you would like to stay in high standard hotels, there are three international five star hotels, which are Intercontinental Hotel,St. Regis Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel. Four Point by Sheraton, Yarlung Tsangbu Hotel, Lhasa Hotel, and Tibet Grand Hotel...... are some of nice  four star hotels in Lhasa. There are also many three star or three star standard hotels if you are looking for a budget way to travel around Tibet. We usually recommend our clients to stay in some popular three star hotels when their stay in Tibet, since those hotels often in a very good location and reasonable price ( for example, most of three star hotels in Lhasa old town are well known and popular among tourists, such as Yak Hotel, Heritage Hotel, Gangjian Hotel,House of Shambala, Shambala Palace and Tashi Quta Hotel.....these hotels located in the centre of old Lhasa town, near by Jokhang Temple, often 10 mins walking distance from those hotels to Jokhang Temple), and most of our clients satisfy with the service and location of the hotels. 

    Does the hotel room have access to internet and how can I pay the balance

    You can get internet access in most of the hotels in Lhasa, Shigatse and Lokha, and wifi is free for guests. However, if you travel to some remote areas, you might not get internet access.

    How about the price of hotel rooms in Tibet

    The travel seasons in Tibet is divided in two seasons: peak season and low season, and from May to October is peak season, the rest of months is low season. The price for the hotel rooms in peak season are often more expensive than the price in low season. For example, a five star hotel standard room is around 2000 RMB, 1000 RMB for a four star hotel room and about 450 RMB for a three star hotel standard room in peak season. Around 1500 RMB for a five star hotel standard room, 800 RMB for a four star hotel room and 350 RMB for a three star hotel standard room in low season. 

    Is it possible to book hotels by clients 

    Definitely, you can book hotels by yourselves on internet (Trip Advisor or other websites). However, according to the regulation of Tibet Tourism Bureau, foreigners only allow to stay in the hotels with foreign license when their stay in Tibet, hence, please kindly make sure the hotel you booked have the license.

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